Golden Nouran Insurance Brokerage


Golden Nouran Insurance Brokerage (GNIB) was established and licensed in March of 2014 by Saudi Central Bank (SAMA).
GNIB quickly gained shape of excellence in service driven by its higher standard of vision & mission through capable and highly experienced staff to serve the clients at all levels.
GNIB’s objective is to win it's clients satisfaction by meeting their expectations and providing add-ons to their existing covers in cost effective manner in addition to risk management services.


Become a leading provider of insurance brokering services in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Perform at high standards to deliver excellence in service and professional advice to bring maturity in the insurance industry of Saudi Arabia by utilizing experienced professionals and training team capable of serving clients all levels



At Golden Nouran Insurance Brokerage (GNIB) Co. we offer a range of products that alleviate the burden of risk for any business and individual. Over the years we have established valued connections in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and around world with leading insurance companies.
We provide a comprehensive suite of services in the insurance and risk management fields. We offer a professional, distinctive and high quality brokerage to a wide range of clients from all business sectors and industries.
Everything we do at GNIB is driven by our commitment to providing you with expert and professional advice and high-quality insurance solutions. We are a fully regulated licensed entity with all bodies as laid down by the law of Saudi Arabia.
GNIB Co. believes that one of our major strengths and differentiation is our long experience in the field through our excellent work team to meet clients expectation. 

Insurance products:




Marine Insurance

Health Insurance

Protection & Savings

General Accidents

Special Lines

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Role of Insurance Broker

Insurance Broker is defined as a Juristic entity that for compensation negotiates with the insurance company in order to conduct insurance services for policy holders.

The role of Insurance Brokers are as follows:

  • Understand YOUR business and insurance needs.

  • Design the most adequate cover based upon the client’s circumstances.

  • Prepare professional slips to obtain competitive terms and best price.

  • Execute client’s instruction in an efficient manner.

  • Explain the needs of and behavior of the market.

  • Maintain effective relationships with the market.

  • Assist in claims negotiation.

  • Provide continuous service and advice.

  • Explaining the laws and regulations applicable.

  • Maintain historic records of clients.

  • Promptly handle complaints.


Services to Customers   

1. Review YOUR current Insurance coverage

and raise any gaps in the coverage 

2. Tailoring Insurance coverage inline with the needs of

YOUR business and budget 

3. On Your behalf by utilizing the size of our excellent

business relationship with insurance and reinsurance companies 

4. Enjoy the leverage of our business expanding to

have the quality coverage and reduce price  


5. On-going Improvements of YOUR insurance program

by review and analysis the growth of the business complex


Get in Touch

Head Office

Jeddah Head Office

Address: H&R Building, Opp Al Haram Centre ,                  Prince Amir Sultan St. Jeddah 23615                       

Phone: (012) 6123307

Phone: (012) 6123308

Phone: (012) 6123309



Regional Offices

Central Regional Office (CRO)

Address: 2nd floor Opp: Bin Samar Mosque,                          

Al Malaz Street Riyadh 

Phone: (011) 4784226,


Eastern Regional Office (ERO)

Address: King Abdul Aziz Street

Al Khobar 

Phone: (013)8991405


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